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    Employment Equality

    Have We Reached our Goal?

    For the past few decades, lawmakers, employers, and people around the country have been working to create a stronger sense of workplace equality. With stronger legislation, increased tolerance, and a more diverse workplace, today’s businesses have benefitted from employment equality. Despite the progress that’s been made recently, there is more work to be done to achieve complete equality. Here are some factors impacting this issue.

Equal Pay for Work

A completely fair and equal workplace should also stress equal pay opportunities for all workers. Today, there is a history of strong federal and state laws to protect workers from getting unfairly compensated. There are some instances where employees have filed lawsuits against their company because of the lack of equal pay. Many of these lawsuits are related to the gender gap in pay between men and women.

Gender Equality

The changing face of today’s workforce includes many more women now than 50 years ago. It’s important for companies to have women-friendly policies and a workplace atmosphere that supports women. This also means companies must follow the federal guidelines when it comes to hiring and firing pregnant workers. Even today, employment discrimination lawyers still file lawsuits against companies that have discriminated against pregnant women.

Disability Equality

Disabled workers are also getting special protections in the workplace to help encourage companies to be more open and equal. In most cases, a company will need to provide adequate access to the building and working area so people with disabilities aren’t excluded. Employers must also make sure their management and staff members include all types of workers including disabled workers, in the conversation for promotions and advancement.

Future Progress

Our Times are Changing

In the future, expect the workplace to become even more diverse and welcoming to all. While early legislation has paved the way for businesses to be more accepting, the public’s attitude about diversity will truly help change the face of business for tomorrow. These new voices may help companies reach higher levels of success and take on even more impressive tasks.