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    Falsely Accused

    of a sex crime in Texas

    If you have been falsely accused of committing a sex crime in Texas, there is a lot you need to consider. If convicted, even falsely convicted, of one of these types of crimes, you can face consequences that could last your entire lifetime.

Serious Consequences

Being accused of any crime is stressful in itself. But a sex crime accusation can have even more serious consequences because of the nature of the charge. Not only is it embarrassing, it can affect your job, your family life, your relationships, your freedoms, and your future reputation.

Types of Sex Crimes

Some of the types of sex crimes you can be charged with in Texas include sexual assault and sexual battery, possession of or distribution of child pornography, sexual abuse of a child, indecent exposure, and solicitation of a prostitute. Others include rape, obscenity, and public lewdness.

You'll Need Help

It is important to remember that it is the job of the prosecuting attorneys to prove that you are guilty of the charge, and they will do everything possible to win their case. Make sure that you work with a good attorney in Texas so that your legal rights are upheld and the facts are accurate.

Fighting The Charges

What You Should Do Now

Don’t let a false sex crime accusation ruin your life. In Texas, you have the right to prove that you did not participate in the crime. With professional legal help from an experienced San Antonio criminal defense attorney, you can fight to prove your innocence and get the charges dismissed and off your record.